[Innisfree] Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack ✿ 와인 젤리 슬리핑 팩 ✿ 80ml

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01. Enriched with wine extracts from France, this product creates a dear and smooth jelly-like skin by covering hydrating moisture layer over your face.
02. Polyphenol extracted from wine revitalizes skin with anti-oxidant effect and shape-memory polymers instantly flattens wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

How to use
01. In the last stage of your evening skincare routine.

02. Apply an appropriate amount onto entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area.

03. Gen* massage before you go to bed. Rinse off with water the next morning.

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3 reviews for [Innisfree] Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack ✿ 와인 젤리 슬리핑 팩 ✿ 80ml

  1. Absolutely love this product – arrived much sooner than predicted. It may not include retinol/other chemicals that I’ve been convinced to think are necessary for smoothing out the wrinkles in my skin, but it feels wonderful going on, washes off clean in the morning, leaves my skin soft, smooth, and dewy-looking. Occasionally my skin feels a bit tight in the morning after I wash it off, but I just use a soothing cleanser and then top with my usual moisturizer, and it’s no problem at all. One thing I love about this mask is that it doesn’t clog my pores at all!

  2. In the morning my face is clear and bright and not oily. I like this sleeping mask a lot and will probably repurchase or try the green tea seed one when it runs out!

  3. This product was shipped direct from Korea. The wait was so worth it. This “pack” is wonderful. I apply it to a clean skin and am ready for the night. I do not read Korean so I don’t know if I should be using it every night or not..but, I do and in the morning when I rinse it off my skin is silky soft. The cream has a jelly consistancy. I leave an indentation in the cream and in the morning the cream has smoothed over and no indentation!! I will continue to purchase this product because I love how it leaves my skin feeling so soft.

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